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35 interesting factual statements about Trailer Park Boys: Find right here

Listed below are 35 Interesting Trailer Park Boys facts.

1-5 Trailer Park Boys Facts

1. Through the entire entire show (from Season 1 to Season 7, like the xmas Special, not the films), the term “f*ck” is stated an overall total of 1,284 times (averaging 46 times an episode). The phrase “sh*t” is stated an overall total of 967 times within the show (averaging 31 an episode). From all uses regarding the terms, 74.3% of that time period, it is stated from transgenderdate Ricky.

2. Bubbles seldom keep his head right because star Mike Smith could maybe perhaps not see well whenever he wears the eyeglasses.

3. Donny, the loudmouth trailer park resident who’s never ever seen is voiced by Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles.

4. A tradition when you look at the show is the fact that Ricky will wear exactly the same top when it comes to season that is entire.

5. Even though show is scripted, Rob Wells (Ricky) stated lots of the moments that are memorable the show were ad-libbed by the cast.

6-10 Trailer Park Boys Facts

6. The initial 4 periods had been filmed in numerous trailer parks in Nova Scotia, Canada. The pilot had been filmed in Spryfield, Nova Scotia. The very first season had been filmed in Sackville, the 2nd in Dartmouth, the next in Lakeside, the 4th in Dartmouth once more (in another type of park compared to the 2nd). When it comes to Christmas time unique and season 5 and forward, a park has been used by them they bought in Dartmouth.

7. a theme that is running of show may be the guys being in prison at the start of a period, then investing all of those other episodes committing crimes and evading authorities, simply to wind up back prison into the period finale.

8. Within the episode “Friends with all the Benedicts” the song “A concern of Faith” by Sandbox performs within the back ground within the scene in Ricky’s ice rink trailer. Mike Smith (Bubbles) played electric electric guitar for the exact same band in the 90s.

9. The type of Jim Lahey (portrayed by John Dunsworth), is been shown to be a severe alcoholic in almost every bout of the show. In fact, John Dunsworth will not take in, as well as the “liquor” that Jim Lahey beverages throughout the show is cola blended with water.

10. One of the most popular jokes that are running Ricky’s usage of eggcorns and portmanteaus. Often ruining typical expressions in other words. “getting two wild wild birds stoned at once”, or improperly pronouncing big words i.e. “psychobiological”. They truly are often called “Rickyisms”.

11-15 Trailer Park Boys Facts

11. Ricky’s vehicle (infamously referred to as “Shitmobile”) has just been described by its title 8 times. Twice by Lahey, when by Bubbles and when with a police that is female within the episode “Where into the F*ck Is Randy’s Barbeque.” Additionally by Tom Arnold 4 times in period 10.

12. Julian is perpetually seen holding one cup of rum and coke with ice clinking around in it. Even yet in circumstances where in actuality the drink needs to have spilled he appears to constantly recover it. This really is many noticeable in Season 2, episode 7 in which the men flip an automobile and a trailer hauling weed. When Julian climbs out from the crashed automobile their drink seems to have maybe perhaps not spilled a solitary fall.

13. The track this is certainly constantly playing in Cyrus’ vehicle is “I’m Old (you’re young)” by Rick Jeffery.

14. Bubbles’ and Ricky’s p*rno costumes are Ricky and Jason’s shopping mall safety uniforms from “The Cart Boy”.

15. Within the episode “Closer To one’s heart!” (Season 3, Episode 5), The concert scenes had been really filmed in Toronto in the Air Canada Centre, perhaps not in the Halifax Metro Centre.

16-20 Trailer Park Boys Facts

16. Within the episode “f**kin’ Way She Goes” Ray explains that the trailer he bought with Tammy had simply been paid down following a 35-year home loan. A trailer of this size into the 12 months 1970 price around 4500 bucks at a top estimate. For a 35-year home loan the repayment each month might have been approximately 11 bucks.

17. Bernard Robichaud, the star whom plays Cyrus, is known as one of many actors that are nicest the show. Lots of the manufacturers along with other actors think about him a pleasure to do business with.

18. Phil “Philadelphia” Collins seems within the very first episode as a back ground additional when you look at the audience that forms from Julian telling Cyrus to leave of Sunnyvale.

19. The boys are frequently heard talking about getting “donairs” throughout the show. Donairs certainly are a popular meals in Nova Scotia, just like Shawarma or Gyros.

20. Several superstars are making cameos in the show. Including Rush guitar player, Alex Lifeson, Nova Scotia indigenous singer Rita McNeal, Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie, and many more. The actors were big fans of the show and asked Clattenburg to be given roles in most cases. Alex Lifeson is really a fan that is huge and starred in the growing season 3 episode nearer to the center, plus the both the initial Trailer Park Boys film, and Countdown to Liquor Day as a cross-dressing undercover police.

21-25 Trailer Park Boys Facts

21. After period 10 aired, during shooting for period 11, Jonathan Torrens (J-roc) announced he could be completely making the Trailer Park Boys. He stated that he desires to pursue other artistic tasks but thanked the faithful fans for the show because of its previous and continued success. In period 11, T states that J-roc and MCFlurry proceeded a rap tour that is cross-country.

22. The Rite of Spring, and later on, in the season it’s Eric Clapton’s song Cocaine in season 8 Cyrus’s car horn is the opening solo in Stravinsky’s ballet.

23. The boys are seen drinking out of containers that are never actual cups, other than Julian during the entire run of the show. They drink from cups made from old 2L containers, coffee pots, dog meals bowls, and soap that is dish among others.

24. Being a testament to your boys’ character, it’s quite common during instances when Julian and Ricky are increasingly being arrested, they encourage Bubbles to flee or hide so that he won’t need certainly to head to jail.

25. In period 11, we finally meet Donny, the loudmouth associated with the trailer park often heard during intense moments regarding the show. He could be shown as an adult guy in white underwear totally unconscious, but their face is blurred down. Donny remains voiced by Mike Smith. Their trademark line is “what into the f*ck!”